Our Story

Is it possible to enjoy the foods we love without compromising health, taste or texture?

That’s the mission of Almond Glory, a new Los Angeles based food distribution company. Its innovative product line uses the highly versatile almond and other healthful ingredients to create delicious gluten-free products that any food lover would crave.

Gayle Myers created the company’s original recipes in her home kitchen while on a mission to cook healthier for the entire family. She developed a whole line of unique foods made without gluten or soy. She also created a gluten-free sugar-free line of products. These diverse foods range from breakfast favorites to dinner staples, gourmet breads to tantalizing sweets. People were amazed to discover that the savory flavor and subtle texture of these foods all had significantly lower glycemic counts.

The health benefits were just as startling. The new Almond Glory recipes are not only wheat/gluten free and diabetic safe, but cutting-edge science suggests that almonds might promote weight reduction, lower cholesterol and help to reduce the risks of heart disease and cancer.

Additionally, the biggest surprise has been that even teenagers have found that they prefer these delicious healthy alternatives to the mainstream options on the shelves. Have your family taste them and see if they don’t agree.

Almond Glory is out to change the way that America eats.