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Leading a healthy lifestyle means choosing quality foods that are healthful in addition to tasting delicious. Almond Glory products are a healthy alternative to baked goods that use wheat flour, grains, soy, or other gluten products.

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Studies suggest that almonds might promote weight reduction, lower cholesterol and help to reduce risks of heart disease and cancer. Almonds are allergen free for almost everyone. Almonds combined with alternative sweeteners that are low on the glycemic index making them an ideal treat for the diabetic. Even with "healthy sugars," when sugar mixes with grain carbohydrates it produces a very high blood sugar or "glycemic" level in our blood stream. Our organic sugar line offers a NATURALLY lower glycemic option.

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Almond Glory



We have the almond to thank.

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Almond Glory use the amazing almond as a healthy alternative to wheat and soy to create delicious gluten-free foods that can be part of a healthy and savory lifestyle. Almond Glory products use the freshest ingredients to bring you a variety of delicious products that the entire family will discover to be
a tasteful delight.

Another plus: Due to the natural healthy oil of the almond meal, Almond Glory products are uniquely moist and have a remarkable shelf life when frozen. Since there are no preservatives added, we recommend you keep your products in a cool dry place to prolong freshness.

Almond Glory currently offers: Pre-Baked Pizza Crust, Herbed Foccacia Bread, desserts, and a Waffle Pancake "Make Everything" mix.

All of these products are not only gloriously gluten-free, they are soy free as well and have a NATURALLY LOW GLYCEMIC level.