health benefits

At Almond Glory our mission is to create foods for individuals who want a healthy alternative to grains, or those who are wheat/gluten or soy intolerant. Research suggests that almonds might promote weight reduction, lower cholesterol and help reduce the risks of heart disease and cancer.  Everyone may benefit from making nuts (including almonds) a part of their daily diet.

Do the research to discover the health benefits of almonds, and then discover the great taste of Almond Glory products.

Food is about choices.

Everything we put into our mouths is broken down by our bodies into either a protein, carbohydrate or a fat.

Calories are simply energy that our bodies take from the foods we eat and transform into energy for our bodies to function. The calories we eat are a simple math equation. For healthy balance energy in must equal energy out.

Size matters, super size portions have created super sized Americans.

We need to adjust our eating patterns to include “normal” portions, of more nutrient-dense foods. We need to learn to taste and savor our food, and in turn, feel satisfied sooner. Almond Glory products can help get you on the way to a healthier savory lifestyle.