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People want to eat healthy foods that also taste great. Almond Glory products use the amazing almond instead of wheat and soy to create delicious foods that can be part of a healthy and savory lifestyle.

Almond Glory products use the freshest ingredients and offer organic sugar so that they have a low glycemic level. Almond Glory brings you a variety of delicious products that the entire family will discover to be a tasteful delight. Due to the natural healthy oil of the almond meal, Almond Glory products are uniquely moist and have a remarkable shelf life when frozen. Since there are no preservatives added, we recommend you keep your products in a cool dry place to prolong freshness.

We offer FREE DELIVERY to local Southern California destinations!

Pre-Baked Pizza Crust: This amazing “guilt free pizza” will have even the teenagers coming back for more. Our 8” Pre-Baked Pizza crust comes on its own black baking tray, topped with your favorite toppings, now the gluten intolerant can take this anywhere with them and enjoy pizza along with everyone else.

Breads: Textures and flavors merge as rosemary and Italian herbs tantalize your taste buds in this nutty, savory bread. Toast and serve as an appetizer, along soup or salad or make a grilled vegetable sandwich that will become everyone's favorite.

Goodies: Our lower glycemic "Goodies" are made with organic sugar and combine the light airiness of cake with moist, deep, rich flavor. Try our brownies, chocolate chip bars and cupcakes. They can be enjoyed as is or frosted for a special occasion.

Waffle Pancake Make Everything Mix: Waffles and pancakes are just the beginning. This versatile “Make Everything Mix” comes with 6 additional recipes to make cookies, brownies, cakes, crepes, muffins, or be adventurous and see what you can create.

Our store has a minimum purchase of 12 items, however please feel free to choose a sampling of your favorite gourmet Almond Glory products. You can combine any products to produce this order of 12!